Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Journey" Book Publishing

Is the title of my newest book.  While a large portion of the book has already been written, I am embarking upon  the publishing of this project and would really appreciate your help!

This project has been birthed out of a place of purposeful pain and yet I'm learning to use it as fuel rather than failure.  That is what this project is all about and if by my experiences I can help others to do the same, it would've been worth the journey.
(*Permission to mention the publisher and our affiliation have been authorized to me by a representative of TBN/Trilogy)
I am signed with *Trilogy Publishing (A Subsidiary of TBN/Trinity Broadcasting Network) one of the largest Christian Networks in the world!  The terms of the contract exceeded that of any of the other offers I’d received. I’m at peace that the message of this project will be presented in a way that reflects the true heart  and purpose for which the book is written and will reach a much broader audience as it will be advertised everywhere that TBN and Hillsong is seen and heard!

The cost for the Premium package is $11,000 and includes full book/ebook publishing, all social media AND tv commercial promotions among other things.  A down payment has been made upon the contract signing with the remainder to be paid. 

So that you will have a better understanding of what this project is about, I have included  the Introduction to the book as a way of providing you a glimpse into what is to come.  I ask that if you are blessed by it or you know of anyone else who may be, that you would PLEASE Share, Post and Direct others to this page also to contribute and encourage others to do the same.  

Your support is very much appreciated and will allow me to fulfill (what I believe to be) a mandate to serve others with the gifts I've been given.  This is one way I will have done that.  Thank you in advance! (The contents of the Introduction is copy written and neither it nor any updates (either in part or in segments) found in this campaign can or should be used to copy, share or distribute apart from this campaign.  When sharing, always use the actual link (only) to direct others to this page. Thank you for respecting this request!

Sondra L. Lewis



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