Sunday, August 2, 2020


 I am Brandy Peterson owner of Colorful Roots. I am a certified optician, stylist, designer and naturalista. I started my career as an optician, getting into optical way back when I was in high school, working in the men's department in JC Penny. My girlfriend and I wanted to get colored contact lenses and it just made sense to get them from the optical department in JC Penny's. The lady (optician)  that taught us how to care for the contacts told me she was hiring and would pay me a extra $0.50 per hour. I accepted the offer and that started my optical career at 17 years old.

After graduating high school I went on to Michigan State University and after school, I got hired at Lens Crafters with a hourly wage plus commission. I enjoyed learning more about vision and styling patients. From that passion I was inspired to truly pursue opticianry, move up the ranks to management and eventually get certified.

In my deep passions, I always dreamt of owning my own shop and and offering the kind of unique frames I found myself most attracted to. Eventually in my personal self discovery journey I became intrigued by African beauty practices and fashions leading me to travel to Dakar, Senegal.

My trip to African lit a fire in my desires to learn more about the natural path and skin care. Prompting me to start creating my own personal shea butter mixes, black soap and products. From there I started sharing with my family and friends. Being business minded my mind has always churned with ideas... I developed the name Colorful
 Roots in 2006, mixing my love for my heritage with my obsession with African culture.

One day after the passing of my father, a entrepreneur it hit me... Something touched my spirit and said "Go for it". I wasn't sure how to move at that moment, so I had a personal conversation with a good friend. I told her of my frustrations trying to conceive and putting off the dream of starting my business. She gave me the encouragement that I need and I decided to talk to my husband. I told him what I had been felling and he was supportive. 

Ironically my husband found a nice spot for me and I could see the vision for Colorful Roots. In the beginning I worked a full time and ran my boutique on the weekend, while managing a local optical. 

After my business grew I was eventually able to leave my full time job. Once free from my full time position I was able to roll the optical piece into my boutique.

That is how I started my business. At it is now so fulfilling being in a position where I can help others one on one and deliver the kind of styles that I love.

I am most grateful for this journey! #THEMARATHONCONTINUES


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