Monday, March 30, 2020

Dedicated Educators

Dedicated Educators was founded in 2018. Founder Phylicia Pearson was freelancing for multiple educational and career development companies when she realized that these companies were charging clients exorbitant amounts of money. Phylicia was then inspired to investigate further. She discovered that numerous students living in at-risk situations were in need of a tutor/ private-educator; However, such services were just not affordable.

So she dug deeper...Phylicia discovered that recent college graduates, particularly
graduates of at-risk backgrounds, entered the work field with little to no guidance on essential strategies. The skills of interview decorum, resume preparation, and salary negotiation were never even broached with these young professionals. It was these revelations that sparked the flame of Dedicated Educators. Two years later, Phylicia has established a program where she provides free tutoring services to students who cannot afford to pay, resume/cover letter preparation services at an affordable rate, and a paid internship for one female college student every year.

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Contact: Phylicia Pearson
Phone: (973) 609-5595
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