Thursday, April 30, 2020

Soul Artistry LLC

Yolonda Lavender the CEO of Soul Artistry LLC which focuses it’s efforts on curating artistry rich experiences and artistic cultivation. Yolonda is also a national recording artist with the independent label Truth Tone Records. She is a singer/songwriter, curator, composer, arranger and performing artist from Kalamazoo, whose sound is soul-based with gospel, r&b, hip-hop, blues and jazz influences. Yolonda has showcased her artistry in artistic spaces around the country and shared stages with the likes of artists such as Erykah Badu, Keith Murray, The Spinners, En Vogue and more. Yolonda is a Certified Nonprofit Professional and has a decade of experience within the nonprofit sector.Yolonda is a self-care ambassador as well as an advocate and activist who takes pride in using her personal artistry to spread the messages of peace and love and to promote social justice all in an effort to evoke change. With more than a decade of experience in curating and artistic development, Yolonda has crafted Soul Artistry as a leading force within the sub-sectors of arts, culture and community engagement.

Services include Vocal and Performance Training, Artistic Development, Event and Experience Curating & Crafting, Nonprofit Consulting and Self Care Consultant.

Phone: 269.599.7368
Social Handle: @soulartistryllc
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